Ruth Perrin

Bible Overview

Lots of us know bits of the Bible, but not how they fit together, or we have big blanks in our biblical knowledge, especially around the Old Testament. This engaging two-hour seminar joins the dots and helps people understand the big picture of Scripture.

Over the past decade I have done this seminar more times than I can count. From teens to the elderly, people have been moved, inspired and challenged by the story of the Bible. Some have come to faith for the first time, others report having had their understanding of God transformed or been motivated to read the Old Testament because it now made sense to them.

Dynamic and interactive in style, this overview explains the Bible as a story. Unpacking the dealings of God with his people it reveals his love, faithfulness, mercy and justice in addition to joining the two Testaments and explaining where contemporary disciples of Jesus fit into God’s kingdom plans.

I’ve seen Bible Overview six or seven times as a student and now a student worker. Not only does it affect me each time, but I have seen the impact on countless students. There is a light bulb moment as they see how the broad narrative of scripture all fits together. It breathes new life into their engagement with Scripture and aids them as they go forward in their life of discipleship. Bring tissues!

Chris Morgan, Student Ministry Co-ordinator, King’s Church Durham

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