Ruth Perrin

Biblical Literacy

I grew up in church learning Bible stories but with little real understanding of the power and beauty of Scripture. After a series of powerful encounters with God through it in my 20’s I’ve become something of a Bible nerd; convinced that God can, and does, speak to people through His word. 

Many in today’s congregations, (particularly the young) know very little of the Bible and are often perplexed or disturbed by it. Having gained an MA and PhD exploring those issues, I’ve developed a range of resources to help people engage with and grow in understanding this amazing text. Particularly focussing on narrative and biblical characters, my passion has been to inspire people to read the Bible wisely and meet God there as I did.

The materials I’ve developed include teaching seminars, individual and small group Bible studies and a programme for training others to produce resources for their own contexts.

If you are interested in approaching Ruth about doing work for your church/organisation please email an enquiry for availability and costs using the form below.