Ruth Perrin

Speaking and Training

With a professional background in secondary education (and as a qualified Myers Briggs Type practitioner) I have always been enthusiastic about inspiring, empowering and equipping people, as well as teaching the Bible in an engaging way.

Having been a student worker, run two internship programmes and been training director for a large congregation, I now deliver training as a consultant, whether in person or online, in a wide range of settings; from church congregations and residential weekends, to conferences, retreats and academic settings.

Encouraging Biblical literacy, inspiring engagement with God’s kingdom plans and helping people develop their leadership, gifts and personal calling are subjects I’m passionate about. Currently I’m speaking widely on my research into young adult faith; helping churches engage well with younger generations.

I particularly enjoy being able to tailor material to the needs of specific groups and am always happy to discuss how I might be able to bring a fresh and enthusiastic perspective to your context.

‘Ruth stands out as a trainer in her ability to create a safe space in the room ( or the zoom), to listen really carefully and enable everyone to contribute – the introvert as well as the extrovert, the junior person as well as the senior ones. Yes, she presents and uses technology very well, but the proof of the pudding is in what people learn, discover and feel confident to do after her sessions. And for our team the pudding turned out to be utterly delicious.’

Mark Greene, Mission Champion, LICC

Ruth is a wonderfully gifted Bible teacher who beautifully blends a deep attention to Scripture, real empathy for her hearers and honest insight into the life of faith.  She had us both laughing and crying as she opened up the Gospels.  Not only was her Bible overview gripping and entertaining, it left people longing for more!  Everyone left asking: “when can we hear her again?”

Rev’d Rick Stordy, Vicar, St John’s Church, Chapeltown, Sheffield

Ruth is an insightful commentator on culture and excellent communicator. She is very real but also full of hope in how she teaches. I have always felt encouraged and equipped by Ruth’s teaching. She is simply brilliant when speaking about understanding millennials and how the church can bring love and healing to that generation. Ruth is funny, warm and challenging.

Luke Smith, Team Leader, Fusion Movement & G2 York

Ruth’s teaching style is charismatic, content-rich and empowering. She couples thorough, carefully curated content with a passion for applicable learning which leaves participants not only more knowledgeable but also challenged, inspired and able to outwork that learning in context. 

Pippa Elmes, Ministry Training Leader

If you are interested in approaching Ruth about doing work for your church/organisation please email an enquiry for availability and costs using the form below.