Ruth Perrin

Cloud of Witnesses

One of the most significant factors in faith journeys are the role models we have. Having researched that with young women it became obvious that many wanted female biblical role models but had little knowledge of the women in Scripture. Few had heard any meaningful teaching on the women whose stories are in the Bible; as minor characters they tend to be skipped over by preachers. Subsequently, I realised that this isn’t just a gender related issue; many men don’t identify with the ‘big name heroes’ of Scripture either.

As a result, I’ve written a Grove booklet and a range of Bible studies designed to draw attention to minor biblical characters (of both genders) that might inspire faith in ‘ordinary’ believers. Whether reflections to ponder as an individual or group studies, the website introduces those in the Bible that people might never have met before or are the supporting (yet inspiring or challenging) characters in the text.

“For myself, and the young adults I serve, The Cloud of Witness studies have been golden. Full of bible characters you’ve never heard of, and addressing issues rarely mentioned in public, private or faith-settings, Ruth’s reflections and questions take you deeper into the character of God and gives you tools to explore the person you are and the people we are all called to be.”

Rev Beth Rookwood, Pioneer Priest in the Church of England, supporting the nurture of wellbeing and spirituality with young adults in Northumberland

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